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Jeff Stoddard

Jeff Stoddard- Building Inspector

250 N. Railroad Avenue
AZ, 85643

Phone: (520) 766-4211

The Planning Department reviews and evaluates all development proposals to ensure compliance with city codes, policies and regulations as well as provides information and advice on development processes recommendations, land use and zoning.

The Planning Department is responsible for coordinating the review of development applications within the City. Development applications may include annexations, comprehensive plan amendments, zoning map amendments, subdivisions, and residential, commercial and industrial developments. The review of development is coordinated with other City departments, as well as referral agencies, organizations and other interested parties.

Our goal in Code Enforcement is to preserve and enhance existing commercial and residential areas as quality areas to live and shop, and to provide a quality living environment for the citizens of Willcox by ensuring the regulation of nuisance Codes and Zoning Ordinances. Code Enforcement responds and resolves enforcement issues, reviews building and miscellaneous permits, provides customer service.

Code Enforcement will serve the Willcox community by enforcing City codes and zoning ordinance fairly, with flexibility, understanding, and empathy. Working as a team within our own group, as well as with other departments, we will continue to provide quality service in a timely fashion.

Documents related to Construction

  Building Permit Application_2015  
  Building Permit Fee Schedule  
  Certificate of Occupancy  
  City Of Willcox__General Plan_3.12.2009_Final  
  Commercial Building Requirements  
  Final Plat Approval Request Form  
  Floodplain Use Permit  
  Inspections Required  
  Laws for Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes  
  Specification summary sheet  

Exempt from Permit Requirements

Residential construction
Commercial construction


Land Use Map
Zoning Map

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